Protection for Your Ford

Every new Ford vehicle comes with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. If your Ford vehicle is less than three years old and has yet to reach a mileage milestone (in most cases 36,000 mi or 60,000 km) your warranty should be active.

Warranty Quick Guide

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty isn’t the only kind of coverage Ford has made available. Use this quick guide to find out about our various warranty coverages. The following list of warranties apply only to vehicles sold/bought and located in the Unites States. Not in the U.S.? Find your regional Ford site here.

How do I check my existing Ford warranty?

Use the FordPass™ App to quickly check your warranty coverage — anytime, anywhere.

  1. Sign in or download the FordPass mobile app

    Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store
  2. Click on Vehicle Details button on homepage
  3. Under Glove box, click on Vehicle Details
  4. In Vehicle Details, click on Warranty